Sunday, November 2, 2008

Introducing The Beyer Farm Trail

Throughout the Warsaw area is a collection of trails that form the Lake City Greenway. While much of this trail system is yet to be built, three sections are currently open. One is located as part of the Chinworth Bridge and another is located near the Village of Winona Lake. The third section is called the Beyer Farm Trail and is located fairly near to the apartment so Jonelle and I visited it today for the first time. I'm pleased with some of the photos from the outing, but expect more from this location in the future.

The Beyer Farm Trail is a boardwalk that crosses over wetlands formed as part of a large lake called Pike Lake. One end is the Kosciusko Community Hospital and the other end is a park and firemans training area. Here is a picture I took from the lookout located in the middle of the boardwalk.

We continued on and came across a small creek that is connected to the lake. I thought the reflections looked compelling, but after reviewing the photos when we got back I thought it came out looking like ice. Just my opinion.

At the far end of the boardwalk I found a nice yellow tree overlooking the lake. I'm happy with how some of these turned out, but I plan on returning with the tripod to take some more. I'm thinking that this area may produce some good photos over the winter after a nice snow.

I feel compelled to note that after taking the above picture I decided to change lenses. En route to my assistant I nearly ended up taking a dip in the lake. Only minor damage to a lens hood resulted so I can't complain. I wanted to get more of the tree, but just out of frame to the right is a fairly ugly cement embankment and chain link fence. Here is one last photo that I'm also fond of.

I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post, things can get busy around here. I'll do my best to post a little more often in the future.

One last thing, I'm trying an experiment here by putting my photos featured in the post on a google map. Click here and let me know what you think afterwards.


Tiger Fan said...

Gorgeous pictures-you need to get those framed and on your wall! Wish the weather would hold and life wasn't so busy---I would love to come and see the parks!

Joan said...

You're "developing" guite a talent and hobby!! The pictures are awsome. I love this time of year and the colors. Keep up the good work!