Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Grissom Air Museum

This is an old photo-journey, but I felt I should make a post before all my viewers give up and stop checking for new posts. These photos were taken at the Grissom Air Museum near Grissom Airforce Base near Kokomo, IN. The conditons for photography were very less then ideal with all the clouds and the pictures came out making the day appear a little overcast. I recall it being a lovely early fall day though and I ended up taking over 200 photos. I think I got addicted to hearing the shutter. Luckily I don't have to develop pictures to see them anymore.....that would just get expensive. On to some photos.

First up is a B-17G Flying Fortress. I'm sure you've seen pictures of these before and know a little history of them. Click the link if you haven't.

By the way, there was an observation tower on site, I'm really not that tall. Here are some from the ground to prove it.

It's really hard to get the entire plane in the frame with what I have, but I think they came out semi-decent.

From the giant above we'll jump to something newer. This is a F-14B Tomcat. It was interesting being so close to these planes and know what they are capable of. Well, at least having an idea of what they are capable of (the signs helped).

Here is a YS-11A, it's a Japanese airliner and was parked just outside of the museum. I noticied that all the emergency exits were written in foreign languages, and thought that was kind of interesting.

You may be wondering what my editor does while I am taking all these pictures. Usually she is off somewhere pretending to be bored, but I know that's really not the case. Here is a photo of her from the day of this photo-journey. If you look closely you can see how much she must practice the bored looks, she's such a great actor.

For fearing of boring you the visitor, i'll stop here while I may still be ahead. Lookin out the window I see we are in the middle of the first snowfall and I have a few pictures planned that I'd like to take around the Warsaw area. With Thanksgiving and thus the holidays in view it may be tough to get out and take all the pictures I want, but I'll do my best. Additionally I have a few things I plan on experimenting with indoors. In case this is my last post before Thanksgiving, have a safe and merry Thanksgiving.


Diane in Virginia said...

I was starting to wonder about you guys...... :) I look forward to seeing you both on Thanksgiving and going to the zoo lights on Friday!!!

Joan said...

Enjoy viewing your photos but would love more of the "editor"!:) Guess I'm a little partial and miss her tremendously.But I'm sure she would rather be on the "side line"!

Tiger Fan said...

Joan---we need to meet in Warsaw soon. I miss seeing them too! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Adam, sorry for hijacking your blog---the pictures are great, as always and I enjoy seeing sights that I have never seen. Keep the posts coming.