Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For Rent: 10 Gallon Apartment

This is a lovely tank located just on the outskirts of Warsaw, IN. With easy access to all the essentials and entertainment Warsaw has to offer, this is the ideal place for anyone looking to relocate to the area. The unit is fully furnished, although the photos do not show this due to a recent cleaning of the carpet.

Pack all the roommates in that you can to help save on rent. Utilities are included, as well as one meal a day. A cleaning service stops by, although irregularly, approximately once a month. All renters must follow the following stipulations:
  1. ALL parties must be approved by the landlord and must include an invitation for the landlord and a limited number of guests.

  2. NO smoking

  3. NO pets allowed of any kind.

If interested please respond to this post. Rent is negotiable.


Steve Ballmer said...

Very good blog!

Tiger Fan said...

I will be glad to "entertain" your new tenants at my house anytime you go out of town.

Adam Gross said...

No thank you tiger fan, they tend not to leave the same way they came in.

Matthew Gross said...

Sounds fishy to me.

Joan said...

Do you think Kit can come over for a visit?? I know she would be fascinated with all the activity and would "clean up" any leftovers!!!!LOL

Jonelle said...

i think we need to update our add now, since we've acquired two new tenants.