Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Spring" in Black and White

It was 50 degrees outside this weekend in Warsaw, so I made the best of it yesterday and went out to take some pictures. I decided to explore a new (to me) section of the Lake City Greenway and below is what I black and white.

Above is a photo of a creek that is along the trail. I'm always drawn to the reflections found in water whenever I have my camera, I think it adds a new dimension to the photos.

Above is another example of the reflections I saw. This time it was in a puddle made by the melting snow. It was nice and smooth, I like how this one came out.
Here is a bridge I found as well. There were quite a few that criss-crossed the creek. Some were more scary then others, but I crossed them all.

So as to not bore my viewers with a bunch of photos of reflections, here is one to change it up. This is a photo of one of the sculptures along the trail.
That's it for now, let me know what you think.


Tiger Fan said...

Your pictures are incredible--and I would love to frame some in our house------giving you proper credit of course. Keep posting--I am your greatest fan.

Joan said...

It's amazing what your pictures pick up even in black and white. This may someday become more then a hobby for you! Hope my trip pics turn out half as good as yours. Keep up the good work!

Diane in Virginia said...

I always enjoy your pictures and always look for more! :) If yu ever lose your job, you always have a great back up that I'm sure you could make some good money on. Where are you going on your trip? When are you going?

Diane in Virginia said...

oops! I read Joan's comment too quick and thought YOU were going on a trip. Sorry!