Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Petoskey in Black and White

This past weekend was the anual family ski trip. Although I did not ski on this ski trip, I did get out and took some pictures. I'll make it brief, and let the pictures do the talking. Above is my favorite from the trip, it's a fence and some snow.
The above picture here is simply some trees. I'll come up with a good name for it eventually.
If you look closely above you'll find some members of my family and even my lovely assistant. More pictures may follow.


Joan said...

Love the winter pics. Their just beautiful! It just amazes me how the younger generation loves the black and white pictures. When growing up that was all we had!!(showing my age!!)By the way would that white coat be actually green and white?!?! Hope to see you and your lovely assistant soon!!

Tiger Fan said...

Beautiful as ALWAYS. Keep these pictures coming.