Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tippecanoe State Park

My lovely editor and I spent Sweetest Day taking in Tippecanoe State Park in Winamac, IN (West-Central, Indiana). It's a quaint little park, and this time of the year we seemed to have it all to ourselves, unless you count the turtles and geese we saw. We started by climbing a 90 foot fire-tower to get the layout of the park. As you can tell from the picture below, this didn't work as planned as all we saw were trees.....many many trees. Odd being a forest. We did see a fire, there was no panic so we can assume it was controlled.

Next we decided to take in some waterfowl in the waterfowl preserve. While this seems logical, there seemed to be more preserve then waterfowl. Unless of course, you count the many turtles we saw. We'll blame that on the season. Despite this, we took some pictures I am particularly proud of. My editor says they look like Bob Ross paintings, with "happy little trees" and "a few friends to go along." Bob Ross quotes will brighten anybodys day.

Here's a picture of the many turtles we saw. I'd say we saw about 10 while we were hiking.

Looking forward, expect a few more posts over the next few days. Topics in the near future include an interesting couple we met at a car show, a tutorial on how to take 200 pictures in less than an hour, and possibly even a behind the scenes tour of the home-office of this blog.

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Tiger Fan said...

I have never seen such happy looking trees in my life. Love the trees reflected in the water! Why didn't someone remind me it was Sweetest Day?