Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blueberry Fest- Plymouth, IN

Every Labor Day Plymouth, IN hosts an annual Blueberry Fesival. Plymouth, IN is about 40 minutes from Warsaw so on a whim, Jonelle and I decided to visit. It's basically a large county fair with the typical vendors, funnel cakes, games, and rides. On Sunday night, which is when we went, there is a fireworks show and a hot air balloon glow. If you haven't been to a hot air balloon glow, it's quite the show. While the balloons never leave their tether, they do inflate and when their burners are lit, the balloons have a glow to them. I've posted some pictures so you know can see for yourself, if you click on them they magically get bigger.

Overall the fair was a good time with plenty to see and do. Unfortunately, due to poor planning on my behalf, we failed to bring a blanket into the fireworks show. After an hour of watching the balloons we were tired of standing and left before the fireworks were lit. I can only imagine they made for a good show.

Would we go back? My vote is yes, with some better planning.


Tiger Fan said...

Gorgeous pictures.I am so impressed and a little jealous too.

Tiger Fan said...

Your pictures are breathtaking. You should frame them in your new place. They would look great on the wall. I love the blog.

Joan said...

These pics are gorgeous. Remind me of when they had the balloons in Findlay. May need a copy!! These really would look great framed!!

Diane in Virginia said...

I think you need to put this event on your calendar every year. Your pictures are gorgeous!!!